How can you find us?

Our farm, which is already 600 years old, is situated only 6 kilometres from the really beautiful lake "Attersee", which is Austria's biggest lake. The place where you will find us is called "St Georgen", and this lively Market town is about 50 kilometres east of Salzburg. If you come to us by car, you will leave the motorway A1 at the junction of St. Georgen and then it's only 2 kilometres to go. And if you come to us by train, you will arrive at the station of Vöcklamarkt, which is about 8 kilometres away. Have a look at the map! Kogl 36 - that's us!
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What do we produce?

Our farm is an organic farm and it covers many acres of grassland and fruit orchard with plantations of old fruit trees in the middle of the hilly and mountainous countryside of the Upper Austrian region of "Salzkammergut". From the fruit that we harvest in our orchard in autumn we produce fruit juice, fruit wine, vinegar and schnapps.Our pigs - which we keep in spring - are naturally healthy and have a good quality of life. The result is fine tasting organic meat which we roast and sell, together with our fruit juice and fruit wine, in our tavern, open in summer only. We also keep six horses all year round, horses that enjoy high animal welfare standards as well.We organize riding excursions and rides in the coach in the woodland of our area, which is some of the biggest and finest woodland in Austria.


What would your work be like?

Our volunteers would have to prepare things for our tavern in the mornings. If the weather is fine, we go to the lake at about midday, where we have a caravan and a surf board. You can really relax there and then you go back to your work on the farm being full of new energy and motivation.So in summer, between June and September, two volunteers can learn how to handle horses quite naturally while we are looking forward to their giving us a hand in the tavern. During the months that remain we are willing to engage volunteers for work that has to be done in the house and round the house. Provided you have got a little bit of experience with horses, we would be glad if you helped us with the coach rides and the rides in the woods nearby. And in autumn and spring you have the opportunity to learn how to produce organic fruit juice and fruit wine or how to distil schnapps.

beatrix gloeckner

In spring 2005 Beatrix Glöckner from Munich, Germany, added a lot to the program.
The Violinist left the audience enthusiastic, inspiring both the local fans of folk music as well as our british guests.

Kate Pile and Nathlie Minx Kate Pile and her friend Nathlie Minx from Tasmania. The wwoofers had planned to stay for 2 weeks − after almost 3 months they eventually had to take their leave. Marvellous hiking tours took us to the mountains near the Attersee, while down in the valleys at Vienna and Salzburg we took our time for some cultural experience. Nowadays Kate manages a whole class of school children, while Nathlie became a board instructor in New Zealand.